Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Beauty Pageant Beauties

Ya know, I can't help but throw up in my mouth a little when I see (yet again) another beauty pageant contestant being victimized by jealous rivals. There has been pepper spray used, blackmail, torn dresses, etc... Is this a pageant or a date with O.J. Simpson? I really have a hard time feeling sorry for people (in general) who are beautiful to begin with. They get on TV and start sobbing so everyone can feel their pain and feel sorry for them (thus my acid reflux). I have known quite a few pageant beauties in my day and was very close to a few, but never have I ever felt sorry for them at any time for what ever reason. Why? Because it is no time at all that things turn around for them and doors open wide and why? Because they're beautiful, this will be something they will be able to use until time itself takes it away from them.

If you happen to be a beautiful person and disagree with what I say, fine. Don't be mad and tell me that it doesn't happen to you, you're full of crap. Again, I have known quite a few pageant contestants and I have witnessed the magic before my very eyes, so if it isn't happening for you then you must be a liar or a real bitch to deal with.

Management (a real so-so looking guy)

P.S. No gratuitous photos for this post, like they need more attention.

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JL said...

Three words:

"Drop Dead Gorgeous"

Brilliant little movie.