Friday, January 25, 2008

New Segment Announcement: Complaint Box

I'm thinking of doing this either once a week or once a month, I'd like feedback. So, this is the time to get it all out and feel better. Bitch, piss and moan about whatever pisses you off the most. No rules, but I would kindly ask you too leave my metal music out of it. Try it you may feel better.

Oh, and if you want to tell me "I" suck, I simply must ask that you give me some details on how managed to accomplish that.

EDIT: I think I'm going to retitle this next time as, "That Ain't Right!"


Jack said...

I'll go first. I like what you do. Fun.

BUT, I really hate that Special Olympics pic you have up. I get so tired of people picking on persons with disabilities. As if someone with Down Syndrome can help being what they are. No more than Martin Luther King, Jr. can help being Black.

Complaint Department Manager said...

Jack, I see your point and respect it. My take is this: I have known a few physically and mentally handicapped individuals and from experience I can offer some solace for you. When you treat them like fragile eggs, they resent it. I since then see them as equals and I never felt more at ease with that then hearing the same experience from Carlos Mencia. So, don't see it as me picking on them, if anything, I'm including them as equals, besides, I pick on the unimpaired white people group more than any other. Anyone who knows me personally knows that there isn't a prejudice bone in my body.

Again, I respect your opinion, but it ain't goin' anywhere...unless I find one better or decide to redecorate the place, again.

Jason said...

I object to the fact it uses the word "retard." I have people who have used that word to describe my autistic son and it's not done in any kind of way to build them up.

When someone says "if I had a retard for a kid I'd never let them out of the house" it's not toughening them up. Especially not a then four year old kid.

I know it's your site and I'm not making any demands like I'll remove your link from my site or smear you in public because of your views (unlike some other bloggers in our area ;) ) but I really hope your redecoration that removes that picture happens sooner rather than later.

Complaint Department Manager said...

I'm going to polish this a little more for clarity by using a past experience:

Way, WAY back when I was in grade school, the special ed. class shared our building. During lunch the instructor for the special ed. class led the handicapped/retarded/autistic children into the cafeteria and would begin to give them their utensils, tuck in their napkins, etc. One day, one of the retarded kids had enough, he pushed himself away from the long table and says (and I quote)"Stop treating me like I'm retarded!" Some of us, including me laughed at that. The kid looks over at us, sees us laughing and starts to laugh himself. I see it as the kid got his own joke, he is just like any of us, a real person.

This is how any view anyone who is retarded/handicapped/autistic. I don't hate them, I think they're great. My mother's best friend has a brother-in-law living with her and he is retarded, nearly twice my age and very mischevious, when I talk to him, I don't do the baby talk thing or talk to him as if he was 4 years old. He doesn't say much, but his expressions say plenty. I also had a member of my family who was retarded and led a productive life until his untimely death some 15 years ago, he was a good man. Isay these things to let you know that I'm not talking out of my ass like rich people talking about problems with being poor.

These peolpe are real just like you or me, remember that next time any of you who read this laugh at an irish/black/mexican joke, take your pick. For me not to include these people would be the same as if I said they weren't real people and that IS offensive.

Again, I say this for clarity and Jason, I don't take any offense at you or Jack's remarks, not in the least, you were both extremely civil and I really appreciate that. I also know nothing about your son, Jason, but if he's anything like you, the kid has a bright future despite the autism. Before I forget, I do want to thank you both for your thoughtfulness.

Oh, just so everyone knows, I am White and 90 something per cent Irish (Yeah, you're all shocked to hear that I can tell) and I love white jokes and Irish jokes. They better be funny or I will have no problems saying they suck or I will ask for you to do better.

Busplunge said...

One of my complaints is bloggers who take themselves too damn seriously.

I recently announced that I was going to give away some awards on my blog. I picked judges and everything. Unbeknowst to me, the judges gave my blog the top award in every category. I could have declined the awards, but that would have been telling the judges their work was in vain. Instead, I, in all humility, decided to accept them.
But enough about me, lets talk about you. Don't you think my blog is just about the best blog you have ever read?

Busplunge said...

I meant to ad, next to yours, off course

Busplunge said...

Dang, I meant to ADD, next to yours OF course.

Complaint Department Manager said...

BP, I really do dig you blog and I am still diggin' that truck. I like going to your blog when I need some diversity. For instance, there are times that I do get tired of listening to Heavy Metal and to keep from fryin' my brain, I listen to Luther Vandross, Ambrosia, George Michael, Annie Lennox, etc... Of which I do own CD's of.

Man, I think I may have just admitted a bit too much of myself there.

Complaint Department Manager said...

"One of my complaints is bloggers who take themselves too damn seriously."

Forgot to mention that I really hear ya on that one, BP. You're keepin' it real, me I'm just a professional shit disturber, my content pales in comparison. You have the eyes and ears of a lot of bloggers, I just have the funny bone, I think everyone will agree with me on that.

Jack said...

Just to take the discussion further, you said this:

"This is how any view anyone who is retarded/handicapped/autistic. I don't hate them, I think they're great."

What if you heard someone say:

"This is how I view anyone who is a nigger. I don't hate them. I think they are great."

You may not hate people with disabilities (and I'm sure you don't) but you still use mean speech to describe them.

I just thought I would pass it along. You asked for comments, I gave one. I'm ready to move on to read other complaints from your department. I'm done.

California Girl said...

I once worked at a place with a woman with three kids. She was talking to a friend of mine as I passed her desk and all I heard was 'Men Suck'. I promptly said, as I continued walking by, 'Yeah, and not very well'. She didn't get it and my friend and I were busting up! Men were not high on my list that day and I have since come to revise this opinion of their abilities. So, in all fairness, I wouldn't say you suck as I have no personal knowledge... <: )

Complaint Department Manager said...

Wow, Jack.

retarded/handicapped/autistic, these are words used by professional organizations and even our own government. Can't recall the last time any professional organization or even the government used the term nigger to descibe someone, huge difference there or maybe that's just me. Mean speech,ay? I only buy a dozen eggs at a time, clearly not enough shells to walk on.

Man, this is good stuff here. Thanks again everyone!

Sandy said...

I know I'm late on the draw, but this complaint can't wait for the next open mic nite.....

I HATE, that's hate with a capital H-A-T-E, companies that hire people to answer phones that can barely speak a lick of English.
I talked to two people from DishNetwork tonight and I swear they were faking that they didn't have an accent when they first addressed me on the phone. The first guy, who I found out later in the conversation, was from India and was actually talking to me from India. He answered my call and told me his name was Jason. (yeah, right!)
The second guy spoke so fast that I am sure I didn't catch his name correctly, but it sounded like he said Harry. Both of these lovely chaps answered the phone, I swear, speaking perfect English! Once they had me in their grasp, they reverted back to their native accents and the huhs, excuse me's, and could you repeat that's, started.
I wish the companies that hired these people would spend about 5 minutes on the phone with them before hiring them. Then they could see the frustration we all go through just to get answers to the problems we have with their services. I spend about half the time on the phone just asking them to repeat themselves.

Complaint Department Manager said...

"He answered my call and told me his name was Jason."

Funny you should say that, I had a very similar experience with Dell and Trend Micro. Every last one of them had Western type names and every last one of them had an Indian accent. I'm not falling for this marketing ploy by corporations to disarm customers from having to talk to these people.

Anonymous said...

jack what do u think of ur restaurant managers telling everyone of the employees her personal life like she does not sleep with her husband that she is sleeping on the couch ect........