Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ozark Water Gets Higher

I'm not talking flood, either. I'm sure anyone who lives in Ozark realizes by now that the rates have gone up. When I opened my bill I damn near lost my water. I read a little further and found that they at least explained that there was a rate increase. I just wish they would have said why. So, I called them asked them just that...why?!?!? The woman on the other end immediately mentioned that there hasn't been an increase in 7 years, (so what, if ain't broke...) then tells me there is a new facility that is being built and it needs funding. I then got a breakdown of the old rates vs. the new ones and got this info:

1st 1000 gallons Charge / every 1000 after that

old $5.13 (6.60 sewer) 1.38 (3.17 sewer)

new 7.98 (9.26 sewer) 2.36 (5.49 sewer)

My big problem here is that there is still enough lime/calcium in this water than is necessary and no plans on improvements. Anybody ever boil this stuff long enough? If you have, your pot looks like you might have been used by Kate Moss or Keith Richards if you know what I mean.

I might have felt a little better had the city bought me a drink, kissed me on the neck or even did a reach around for that matter. From now on when ever they release a statement with an increase, they should also include this at the bottom:

For those who wish to pay their bill in person: Vaseline will be available upon request.



No joke.

An anti-liming agent will run you $3750... just call the Culligan man.

Can't wait until summer time when we all like to green up our lawns.

Busplunge said...

Quick, craiglist, Culligan water softner,cheap

Complaint Department Manager said...

That is a nice unit, if I had Sniderman's money I might be able to afford it.


Riiiiiiight... don't you live in the same hood I do?

Complaint Department Manager said...

Yeah, that doesn't explain the fatter check though. Movin to the 'burbs was just smart.


You assume too much. That whole myth about tv people and $$$ is just that.

I wear more blue collars than white. =)

Complaint Department Manager said...

Oh no, never did assume. I know you don't make Al Roker money, but I know you do better than the Alltel sales rep I used to be, plus livin' in the OZ is a good equalizer.


So I make more $$$ because I bought a phone from you? ;)

I'm dyin' here. we should have beerz on the deck some night. Hollar when I come down the street with the kids some time.

Complaint Department Manager said...

Sure 'nuff, don't forget to bring the water softener.

complain away said...

LOL. Can't wait for the update on how the "beerz" night goes. That's gonna be one hell of a conversation once you guys start in on the anti-liming agents and phone sales.

(And you know that I'm not being disparaging because I may very well be kinda jealous.)

Complaint Department Manager said...

Dude-ette, that's harsh! But I did laugh at that. It's gonna be great for the S-man 'cause he'll wind up with all the beer and I'll be sucking down Coke Zero.