Saturday, January 19, 2008

I Thought I liked Cold Weather.

Apparently, I'm going through a little of Jason's pain right now. My furnace just crapped out on me and on the most frigid day we've had in a while. Jason, I feel your pain, the only solace I can take in this is that my furnace is under warranty. At least that will warm my heart as my butt is getting froze off.

I will say this, I would rather have it go out now than in the summer. You can always find ways of getting warm, right Jason? But try to find ways of staying cool in the summer...Jason, you don't have to say what you would do in this situation, we know you're a trooper.

Just so everyone knows, I have my oven on plus a portable heater going with all the door to the other rooms shut so I can seal in the heat as best as possible. Temp gauge in the house says 51 right now. We'll see how far I can push that back.


Jason said...

In the summer I'd come to your house and run up your electric bill from the AC.


Complaint Department Manager said...

Yeah, but ya sure ain't gonna straddle my vents...eww.

Busplunge said...

go buy a cheap electric blanket and a very long extension cord.

Complaint Department Manager said...

Way ahead of you there. I have one of those heated matress pads...mmmmmmmmmm, cozy.