Sunday, January 27, 2008

Pats Fans Are Smarter Than Giants Fans?

Okay, it's bad enough that the Super Bowl was ruined by the Packers not beating the Giants on their home turf, but this "study" bothers me. A smart ass from the Boston Herald named Jessica Heslam claims that Pats fans are indeed smarter, classier and healthier than Giants fans(read the articles to get the gritty details). You know I don't like the Giants or Pats and couldn't give 2 craps about their fans (especially when Jets fans are better cannon fodder), but was this really necessary? The Giants made it to the Super Bowl fair and square, are you that intimidated by them? "Stats don't lie", she claims. Yeah, but they sure as hell can be manipulated and you coming from the Boston area yourself wouldn't have a key role in this would it, you dizzy little bitch? Besides, half of all statistics are 50/50 at best anyway. It's one thing to be an actual fan on the street talkin' trash, but a reporter going to these lengths to insult the fans? Bitch, save it for the parking lot where this kinda stuff belongs. It's one thing to take a casual swipe, but this goes into the bone marrow. On top of all that, I hope you don't need anything in New York anytime soon, as I'm sure you'll find out how Giants fans are also less civilized and less forgiving than Pats fans if you ever meet one on the streets. Not smart, especially when your photo is up there for all to see.

I like trash talk better than anyone, but this for some reason really rubbed me the wrong way. This is brow beating, plain and simple. It was a serious article, not a piece by someone who's know for this kind of behavior. If this had been a response to a New York article, then it would get a pass. I have no dog in this fight, but it still irks me, I never saw Giants fans as really obnoxious to the point that it warranted a study like this. Now if we're talkin' Jet's fans... Any body else?

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roseykrh said...

Wow, that article completely pissed me off. Before I read it, I disliked Tom Brady and hated Bill Belichick - but now I hate the entire team and their fans. I certainly don't give a damn about New York, but GO GIANTS!!