Friday, May 16, 2008

Combo Platter: That Ain't Right! + Friday Night Videos! Again Passing the Savings On To You!

As always, say what's on your mind. Leave it here and don't let it follow you into next week. Aside from my "temporary" mia culpa of reality TV, I really have nothing to seriously bitch about. The weight is staying off, school is out for summer as well as my grades are keeping me on the Dean's list(shameless self promotion) and looks like with a cold start, the warm temperatures are close at hand. With that in mind, I add something appropriate to kick off the summer break from none other than the guitar master Joe Satriani. (I also have this as a ringtone)

Summer Song

Also, I have another "New Rule". "New Kids On the Block" must change their name to "Old Kids On the Block". The *ehem* performance on the Today show reminded me of a group of guys that won a Karaoke contest, sad.


Wildhair said...

NKOTB reunion is ridiculous. 'Nuff said.

The Satriani vid woke me up this morning. No need for coffee now.

Dieting, err, lifestyle changing after 40 is difficult. Weight doesn't fall off like it did when I was in my 30s. Then again, I didn't really change anything for the longterm and gained it back and then some in my 30s.

Congrats on the Dean's list and weight staying off. Woot!

Complaint Department Manager said...

Lifestyle changing, tell me about it. Remember the days when you could suck down as much food as you wanted and it didn't do squat to ya? So far my system is working and I am able to go off..scratch that, WAY off the plan for a day and it doesn't phase me. This is coming from someone who at one time in my life scarfed down 24 pieces of pizza in 20 minutes, no shit.

Jason said...

Joe Satriani is freakin' brilliant.

I would walk a mile across broken glass in bare feet to hear him and Steve Vai have a guitar battle.

Complaint Department Manager said...

It would be cool to see student vs. teacher. Satriani would win, of course. Cool anyway you look at it. Drive across country to see it, yes. Not sure I'd pull the Annie Lennox to see it though.