Thursday, May 1, 2008

Summer Already Sucks!

I was hoping that this summer I would be going to Pryor,Ok. for the Rocklahoma concert event of the year, but alas, nay. The plan was to go with my sister and my brother-in-law,but they can't make it and I ain't gonna go alone. On top of that, the best seats are already sold out. This really sucks for me because I have already seen the mass majority of these guys, back in the 80's. I also found out that Queensryche was going to do the ENTIRE Operation:Mindcrime performance...MAN THIS SUCKS!!! Also, tickets went up to $350 for VIP seating(the only way to go and the were just under $300 a month or so ago). This is really a show that even with my limited budget, I'd splurge to see. How's this for a list of performers:

Thursday July 10th
Bret Michaels
Sebastian Bach
LA Guns
Enuf Znuff
House of Lords
Jet Boy
(Only guests who purchase three-day tickets will be allowed to see this show.)
Friday July 11th
Lita Ford
Night Ranger
Living Colour
Kingdom Come
Armored Saint
Saturday July 12th
Lynch Mob
Black N Blue
Tora Tora
Every Mothers Nightmare
Pretty Boy Floyd
Sunday July 13th
Beautful Creatures

Plus, there is the possibility that the list will get bigger. I'm more bitter than a Pennsylvania voter.


Kim said...

I'll be in New York the day of the concert. How about if you go to NY instead and I'll sing for ya? ;-)

Ummm. Nevermind the fact that I can't sing.

Complaint Department Manager said...

Masters of Metal Tour with Judas Priest, Heaven & Hell, Motorhead and Testament will be going around as well and that would also be a show I'd love to see, but the other 2 aren't into that...'loud' of music. The closest they come to these parts is Tinley Park, IL. Tickets there go from $20-$125. It would be a great way to end my summer as school starts less than a week later.

Whiner Girl said...

Operation Mind Crime is one of my top 5 fave c.d.s ever!! That would be an incrdible show to see ...

Joboo said...

For the love of big hair! A full Operation:Mindcrime live? And the rest of that lineup is a dream come true for a child of the 80s. I'd be willing to be seen in public wearing my ripped Levi's and sporting a permed mullet again for that.

Complaint Department Manager said...

Also, Great White has ALL original members back in the lineup. It is an absolute travesty how they were demonized over the fire in Rhode Island. I remember catching their show in '88 opening up for Whitesnake(who is currently on tour with Def Leppard).

I have a copy of Livecrime on video and CD and it is a sight to behold. I also happen to have a copy of Building Empires and it ROCKS!


damn! what a line-up!! Summer already sucks for me because I still have thunder thighs and am pasty white. :-(

Anonymous said...

Man I must be old. All those 80's hair bands. WOW!

dr sardonicus said...

All those has-been acts and Pryor deserve each other. (Yes, I know where Pryor is - I had an aunt and uncle who lived there.) You may not believe me now, but some day you'll be glad you saved your hard-earned money for something useful.

Kim said...

I haven't been to a concert in years. The last one I saw was Jimmy Buffett back in 2002. Before that it was...Jimmy Buffett in 2000. Before that it was it was...Jimmy Buffett in 1998.

Yeahok. So I'm a parrothead. :-)

Of course, I've also seen Jethro Tull, The Moody Blues, Pink Floyd (FLOOR SEATS!!) and...Billy Joel. And George Throughgood. Had tickets for Styx and Journey but some family member of someone in the band died so it was cancelled.

Complaint Department Manager said...

I'm actually hoping the concert sells out. If it's a huge success, it may lead to an expansion or if anything larger concert billings with say 5-6 bands. I remeber when Lollapalooza was a tour and not a once a year festival in Chi-town.

Wisconsin, I believe is trying to put together a music festival like this. Tennessee already has one that will be going on in July called Bonnaroo. Maybe before too long, every state will have a festival like this and not just of the state fair variety.