Thursday, May 22, 2008

Guns On College Campuses...Okay, Okay, No Homework!!!

The Springfield Newsleader published a story this morning on a survey taken at MSU on gun control. The study was launched by Dr. Gary Brinker(a former professor of mine...thanks for the 'A' doc). The survey was gauging the responses to how people on campus would feel if certain individuals were allowed to carry guns on campus(more layover from Virginia Tech). The survey favored security personnel to be the more comfortable choice with students being the least comfortable choice...big surprise there. You know I've seen a lot of the security personnel on campus and I really don't dig the idea of them handling a gun when they can't handle their own fitness level. In fact, just seeing that part of the results irked me this morning.

It's only a penny for my thoughts, but I'll give you two cents worth, so I'm giving big value here. I am not opposed to students carrying weapons on campus. HOWEVER, There is some criteria that needs to be met:

1. Students should be thoroughly scrutinized in background AND psychological testing.
2. These students are to remain anonymous to the students on campus(taking the Air Marshall approach here).
3. Fitness is a big thing for me lately and I think it should be an issue here.
4. There should be only a certain amount of students allowed into the program so, Criminal Justice majors get priority and even work study compensation. Also, the schedules have to stagger so that way day and evening classes have equal coverage.

I'm very opposed to certain faculty being allowed to carry as I am prone to push the buttons of instructors and well...I'll just say that there is a lot of criteria that needs to be met before ANYONE is allowed to carry a gun on campus. ALSO, MSU does already have Springfield police officers patrolling regularly on campus and we are very fortunate to have their services offered to us.

I'm sure there may be some people wanting to hand me my ass on this issue, so state your case and let the beatings begin.


California Girl said...

I'm with you on the fitness thing. The hotel I work for will hire a warm body to 'patrol' and some of them wouldn't be able to see their toes even if they lost 75 pounds. I'd be afraid that they'd shoot someone just because they couldn't catch them.

You're that much of a trouble maker huh? <: )

Sky Girl said...

I already posted my thoughts awhile back on my blog, and got chewed out by over 100 gun owners. I'm for the security guards only approach. Of course it might not be needed at MSU if their are SPD officers.


To hell with the beatings.....I am totally with ya on this one!!

Whiner Girl said...

Yuppers on the fitness! I mean, how many security guards have you seen staring at the t.v. while sitting on their bums? I sure wouldn't want one of them coming to my rescue. Now, I'm no fitness queen, but I'm also not trying to patrol the campuses of the good ol' U.S.of A.