Friday, May 30, 2008

Theft Is Up...PERIOD!!!

Like I really needed to tell you that? With the economy the way it is and prices across the board soaring, theft of all kinds are at an all time high. For instance, fuel tanks are being raided in more ways than one. They're either puncturing the tank and draining the gas or they'll simply siphon your unlocked tank. When you think about it, it's really a dumb move if you create a spark while drilling or puncturing. For those or you that don't have one, I think now would be a good time to get one. Mine is behind a locked door and the alarm goes off if you try prying it, so I'm somewhat covered. This is something beyond worth complaining about, however, when I hear about the big honkin' S.U.V.'s get taken for the gas, my first instinct is..."Oh well, serves ya right for driving a land barge." Either way you look at it, it's just wrong.

Another thing, catalytic converters are also on rise for theft. That crazy chica Tysgirl knows all too well of what I mean. Also, drive offs are on the rise big time and on a related note, used cooking oil is being raided at restaurants. So would these be "green criminals"?

The way i see it, thefts being reported may be adding to the hype and hysteria that either leads to this kind of behavior or maybe just more stories like the ones provided. I'll end this with a word of wisdom that I gave to someone at a clothing store I used to work at when we were talking about people stealing stuff:

"There's nothing in this store that is worth my reputation, what's yours worth?"


Wildhair said...

Ya know, I was just discussing this matter with a co-worker yesterday. I park my car in the garage at home, but I work in a God forsaken mall. No video cams and the rent-a-cops do as little as possible to avoid movement.
I'll be buying one of those locking jobbers you have pictured.
Thanks for the reminder.

Kim said...

Luckily, my car is usually in my garage, crowded grocery stores or elementary schools. Sometimes Panera Bread. Never in a place where I wouldn't notice someone stealing my gas. The truck is always in those same places or at my husbands job, which you cannot access without going through a security checkpoint. I think we're ok. Until 4 weeks from now when we go to NY for a couple of weeks. Neither of our families have garages. However, we'll be sleeping in the camper so if anyone tries to steal the gas at night it'll probably wake us up!

Whiner Girl said...

Because I live so far from where I work, I am forced to drive there. However, the town I work in has sooo many green/eco-conscious people that bikes and pedestrians make up the majority. No one would steal my gas because they may get some on the ground and pollute! Seriously folks, I work in Boulder, and if you've never been there you have no idea how true this is!!


OMG! These random acts of gas thefts are soooo GHETTO!

Mary said...

Love the picture!!!! :-)