Thursday, July 3, 2008

Remembering: Barry White and Luther Vandross

I know I'm mostly known for my taste in head bangin' thrash tunes, but as a musician, I know greatness when I hear it. It seems hard to realize, even now that 2 of R&B's most notable icons are gone. They departed this earth on different years, but the dates were actually within a few days of each other. With this in mind, I'm electing to keep my brain from frying on metal overload by listening to 2 greats that have a sound they owned and can NEVER be duplicated. I encourage all of you to do the same as me today, because without these 2 larger-than-life legends, MOST of you wouldn't even be here right now. Don't be reading this and pretend you don't know what the hell I'm talkin' about, you know.

Barry White (September 12, 1944 – July 4, 2003)

Five years ago on this very day, Barry left this world and went to a place of peace. I can only marvel at a performer that today's artists couldn't touch even on their best day, I don't care WHO you bring up from today's music scene, none of them can bring the smoothness like Barry. Today, it's nothing but fluff and marketing saturating the music scene. You know, Barry didn't even need a microphone, he had a voice you just had to shut the hell up and pay close attention to. To put it more bluntly, Barry...gets...ALL the ladies.

Luther Vandross (April 20, 1951 – July 1, 2005)

It's still hard to digest the fact that he's been gone for 3 years. I can honestly say, when I heard the news of his passing I felt a part of me sink somewhere deep and very cold. It's the only way I know how to describe that feeling and even as I type this, I actually have feelings of resentment to life itself as I know he had so much more to contribute to this world. Like Barry, he had a voice you could only marvel at, but on a totally different level. Much was made of Luther's personal life which I found very distasteful(the gossip) for those who just had to speculate. Luther had a melody that no one could touch, even today...just like Barry. What did I say about Barry and the ladies? Even from a guy's standpoint, I still get goose bumps when I hear that voice.

I'm only giving brief commentary on this remembrance as I really couldn't do them both justice. If anything, I'm just putting the idea of remembrance to all who may read this. Again, I know I'm known for being the token head banger, but if any of you actually knew what was in this guy's stash, you'd be beyond surprised. I actually surprise myself sometimes when rediscovering artists I never really gave much attention to.

On this Fourth of July, I will be spending time with my family, cooking outdoors and of course doing my thing with store bought pyro. What could be more American, right? But most importantly, I will be giving my respects, paying tribute and giving a heart felt thanks to 2 icons who gave this world a gift that not only left me touched and joyful, but also left me with feeling of sorrow.

From a very appreciative soul, thank you gentlemen.


Jason said...

They were true greats.

Darius T. Williams said...

Yo - for real - those were some great people for real. Just another testament that those people were taken away just a tad bit too soon.


btw, don't worry about the intrusion. I don't mind!


OMG, I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Luther Vandross and Barry White. My two FAVE singers in the whole wide world! I'm listening to Luther live right now sing, "A House Is Not A Home." Love em!!!

Rhea said...

Those two really were true icons in this country and others. Amazing music. Nice tribute.

dr sardonicus said...

Smooth. Although neither White nor Vandross were responsible for my conception, as I was in my teens when they hit the big time. Nor did I cause any children to be conceived while those two were playing in the background... or at least those girls never told me...

JL said...

Ah, Luther! Good taste there, my friend. Ever listened to any Donny Hathaway? Judging from this excellent post, I think you'd like it. A lot.

Complaint Department Manager said...

...and the musical horizons get even broader. JL, Whoa dude, There's some stuff there that ought to be classified as a WMS.
Weapon of Mass Seduction

Caspar608 said...

Luther and Barry are responsible for my two sons. Testify.

My favorite Luther Vandross tune would have to be "A House Is Not A Home". So beautiful. The Instrumental "Love's Theme" by Sir Barry White always gave me goosebumps...even when I was just a little girl.

Check out to also listen to some of my favorites by my favorites:
Donny Hathaway (the Closer I get to You/Where is The Love/Giving Up)
Al Green (For the Good Times - Lay Your Head on My Pillow/Love and Happiness/Come and Take Me)
Stevie Wonder (Don't You Worry About a Thing/Golden Lady)
Marvin Gaye (Anger/Let's Get It On/Sexual Healing)...

and a host of others who will serve up some baby makin music that may just result in quintuplets from the intensity.

***sidebar: Project Playlist is the truth if you have decent computer speakers and a subwoofer.

I'm just SAYIN : )

Caspar608 said...

"Share your feelings with the group."

Hahahahahaha. So very "The Dream Team" w/Michael Keaton back in the 80's.