Monday, July 21, 2008

That Ain't Right!

I just realized, I haven't done this in a long time, so I'm knocking the dust off and putting it back out there. For those who are new to this here's how it goes: Got something that really pissed you off recently? Wanna share your feelings with the group? Throw it down here and leave it here, walk away a bit more refreshed. Think of it as a rant burial plot. I'll start. I haven't had a vacation in almost a year and I REALLY need it. Thanks to the month of June, I got my plans hosed. I will, however, be fixing this in the next 2 weeks as I got something cookin'.

Anybody else got somethin' to share?


Kim said...

Yeah. People are assholes.


You know what? I don't think I'm going to leave this...people are always going to be assholes and they're always going to piss me off!


Oh well. ;-)

Darius T. Williams said...

The comcast people...they never installed my service and had the nerve to send me a disconnection notice and a past due notice...for service I DON'T EVEN HAVE - lol. Yea, that pissed me off!

Kim said...

You know, actually I do have something I'll leave here. We used the Bug as the down payment for the Corolla. We didn't use ALL the proceeds from the Bug, however...we got some money back. We did this on Saturday and the salesman (who I liked, he seemed like a cool guy) told us that they could cut us a check. The woman who processed the paperwork, however, said, 'Oh, I don't have anyone here today who can do that, you'll have to come back Monday and pick up your check.'. Ok. I didn't like that idea, but I went along with it. Today I went back and she acted like she had never had that discussion. She said, 'oh we never do things that fast, it will take a week or more!' Bullshit. I complained and the salesman took MY side so she made some phone calls and said 'ok, we'll make an exception and get you the check today. It will be about 5 minutes.'. Well, I couldn't wait 5 minutes, I had to be somewhere. I said 'I'll come back later.'. An hour and a half later I was back. She looked at me and said 'I thought you were coming back later, I don't have it yet.'. I replied that it was, in fact, later and I was back and wanted the check. She complied and got the check, but was rather rude about it. Geeez.

You'd think it was HER money and I was trying to scam her or something. What a moron. It wasn't her money. It was MY money! I sold them my car and only used some of the money for the down payment, I wanted the rest of the money. I think she realized I wouldn't go quietly...I was going to get the money today. It's too bad she had to ruin my mood by being an ass.

On the plus side, the salesman was a really nice guy. :-o

Ok, I suppose I'll leave this here. Maybe. ;-)

longrooffan said...

Hey CDM:
Maybe I am ignorant, but, sometimes, I have no complaints. Such as now. I scored a killer longroof van off ebay, down San Antonio (is that spelled correctly?) way. Share with me some good times down that way, will ya? Last time I was in San Antonio I got to see the river downtown and it was a ton of fun. What's up with your experiences? As I missed out on your Clinton, Arkansas fobiles, I beg you to share some with me and I plan to blog them. Hope you can help me out on this one. Thanks. John. oleragtop.blogspot,com

Complaint Department Manager said...

Darius, yeah man that is fuctup. Corporate office would be getting an earful from me. We'll talk.

Kim, I think you know what you need to do.

John, saw that new Ford you're talkin' about. Plan on pickin' up chicks with that apartment on wheels? Since you're heading from Florida, I assume you'll be taking I-10. You'll be passing that same "Welcome to Texas" sign I whizzed on in that photo some time back. When you get to San Antonio there are 2 places that I remembered that were AWESOME places to eat. One was Nacho Mamas on the North side of town, they have REAL Tex-Mex goin' on there. Then there's the Tip Top diner which is in the opposite direction. I think there's an exit on I-10 that will take you south on Fredericksburg. I forgot how long you'll drive, but it was a bit of a ways. Oh, and there's always Six Flags Fiesta Texas if you got the time, it's well worth it, especially the laser show at dark.

Take all this with the consideration that I haven't been to San Anton in about 10 years and when I was there I still drank heavily and saw 2 of everything. As Blackie Lawless put it, "Them cowboys have taken my eyes."

If Jim ever gets that Jeep finished I got a great place in Texas to off road it. A little town called Gilmer, I got pictures.

And by the way, you ain't ignorant, just blissful.


Why would a grown man in his 40's be attracted to sleezy night clubs and honky tonking? Cheap thrills? Easy women? What is is the clubs that is so inviting and fun? I can't stand all these hoochy women whose lives are so shallow they have to "club" every night of the week, dress practically naked, get drunk, all in the name of trying to meet a man. This lifestyle disgusts me and the women who live it are lonely ho's and bitches with no ground to walk on.

Rant, rave, rant, rave......

Mama Dawg said...

I hate people that are so ignorant that they just ought to be put down.

I have a co-worker that came in the room and announced that the lady that runs the little shop in the hospital was trying to sell this patient toothpaste and a toothbrush (for like $4). The co-worker came in and said "I can't believe she's doing that. He should just go to a nurses station and get one from them. They're gonna charge him anyway".

Ummmmm...yeah. We work in a hospital. That means that they're gonna charge him like $10 for the toothbrush and toothpaste. Let's say that this patient is having to foot this bill himself. If he gets it charged, he's gonna pay $6 more than if he had just bought it at the store.

She just can not think things through.

She's also the idiot who prounounces "moped" as "moPAD".


Complaint Department Manager said...

Chatti, what those hoochies need is a firm hand. On your behalf, I'd be more than happy to give them a severe *ehem* tounge lashing.

Mama Dawg, yet another new person drops in, welcome. Sounds like someone didn't think about smuggling either. I concur that sometimes one should think things through before casting aloud. I see a good example of this at least once every other day and yes, it's annoying.

Kim said...

Mama Dawg, my grandmother died 23 years ago yesterday. As she was laying in her hospital room, in a coma during her final hours, the idiotic doctor came in and held her hand for about 5 seconds. Then he left. After she died we received the bill, and the doctor had billed her a fair amount of money for that 'visit'. 23 years later I'm still missed at that doctor. :-/

Rhea said...

I PO'ed my neighbors called the cops because we had a car sitting in front of our house for a few days. AND, these same neighbors were going to call animal control because we weren't putting our lab on a leash all the time when we walked to the mailbox. What's wrong with these people?

Why can't they have the decency to let US know they have a problem first, without bringing in authorities?!! Just ask us to move the car. Just mention that our dog off her leash makes you nervous (she's super sweet). uGH

Apparently the head of our HOA drives around making sure people have their trash cans off the curb by 8pm on trash day or you get fined.

WE rent, don't own, in this neighborhood so we don't know all the rules. We're learning quickly though.

Thanks for letting me rant, I needed that.

Sky Girl said...

Celebration City sucks. The personnel are rude and the rides are always broken.

Now I feel better.

complain away said...

I hate hate hate that every time my stupid work IT department deploys a patch to upgrade my software, they always manage to destroy my Excel.

Then, when I complain, they just put me on a stupid list and I have to wait for someone to deem me important enough to come and reinstall the entire program.

Seriously, in what other job could someone get away with that? Argh.

(Can you tell I've been a bit overworked the last couple of weeks?)

Caspar608 said...

your blog is cool, relaxing, very granola-ish : )

feel free to browse my blog to view the may things I have legitimate complaints about.