Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Two Stages Collapse at Rocklahoma

And here I was all bummed out because I wasn't able to get V.I.P. Tickets or enough people to go with me. I look back on that now as being a good thing. Evidently, a storm front moved in packing winds in excess of 60 MPH and collapsed the 2 side stages. No one was on or performing at the time so thankfully, no one was seriously injured. There were a few injuries while people were running from the weather and the collapse. Even with the storms moving in, they rocked on. Best part was for these people, not one of the performing bands cancelled.

I will say this much, I have been to a LOT of concerts and I've even seen shows in the rain...it sucks, BIG TIME!(well, only if you're sober) If I would have been there, I might not be in a good mood right now as it would have tainted the experience for me. I'm in the process right now of putting something together (vacation wise) up around K.C. this October and it looks VERY promising.


Kim said...

I saw Jimmy Buffett at an outside concert in Raleigh once. It poured. And poured and poured and poured. Jimmy slipped and fell on stage. It was something. I, of course, had been enjoying margaritas most of the day, so I wasn't that upset. As you said, had I been sober, I might have been more upset! :-o

Darius T. Williams said...

Yup - that's definitely a good thing! A blessing is what it was.

So, I'm going to drive down to Memphis in about two weeks. Guess where I'm stopping. I'm stopping at Lambert's. I'm taking good pictures so the peoples can hear about it.

Complaint Department Manager said...

I'll be in at least one of those photos.

You know dr. sardonicus said I should avoid that concert. Looking back at that now...doc is right...doc is wiiiiiiise.

dr sardonicus said...

Er, I don't know about wise. I just recalled Pryor as a shithole town from when we used to visit family that once lived there.

One of my fondest concert recollections was seeing REO Speedwagon in the pouring rain at Arrowhead Stadium in 1979. A brave act by those guys, playing in a raging thunderstorm, holding lightning rods in their hands.

Complaint Department Manager said...

I still would LOVE to see Queensryche do Operation:Mindcrime Live. I didn't get to see it when the were on tour with RATT. I caught The Empire tour and it...was...off...the...CHAIN!

Jason said...

Wow...talk about unexpected blessings.

Hopefully you'll see Mindcrime live someday. That will have to be awesome...it's still one of my favorite albums.

Rhea said...

Oh, man, that sucks about the stage.

Glad you're planning a vacation! Where to?

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