Thursday, June 26, 2008

Gratuitous Nepotism - 122,000 Miles Never Looked This Good.

After the last month of expenses for this thing, I decided that it should at least look the part, so I gave it the once over. This is the fruit of my labor. I did this while the power in Ozark went out yesterday for about 3 hours and I wasn't going to stay in an 80 degree house doing nothing, when I could be sweating it out outside while doing something.

In addition to my sense of accomplishment, I also got a bit of a sun burn on the back of my shoulders...ouch. There is a chance of rain this week and weekend, so if it even looks like it will happen anytime soon and I need to go somewhere...I'M WALKING!!! Remember those times when some of you would polish up the ride and then go take it for a cruise so people could admire your handiwork? If the sky remains stable, I may be feelin a bit nostalgic. Hard to imagine this thing has 122,000 miles on it...and STILL starts and runs like it came off the dealer's lot.

End gratuitous nepotism


tysgirl said...

I used to love to clean my car top to bottom, inside and out. Now I have a husband for that.

Kim said...

My husband seems to think that if the truck is clean it drives better.

We usually can't wash our cars here. At the moment we can because we had some rain, but usually there are restrictions and we can't wash cars, water lawns, fill pools...nothing. Commercial car washes are the only place we're usually allowed to get our vehicles washed!

Rhea said...

I'm just trying to work on keepin' the inside of my car clean! Two boys and a dog are hell on leather.

Sorry about your sunburn.

California Girl said...

Sweet! Good job!