Thursday, June 12, 2008

Man, I'm Really Frustrated!!!

I've had so much unnecessary activity(my opinion) on my charge card lately that the city of Springfield and Ozark have both offered me jobs...whatever. I just feel so much frustration about all the expenses lately that it's not EVEN funny. I've also been trying to unload some performance parts for my Subaru and so far, I had 2 willing buyers, but they're not able to cough up the cash when it's time to start closing the deal. I'm pissed! I think I'm dealing with a bunch of teenagers that their alligator mouths are writing checks their canary ass can't cash. I set a reasonable price, I get countered, I except, then it's like, "Dude, I was checkin' out the account for the cash and the girlfriend spent it on some stupid shit and now I'm pissed. Sorry man, I'll try to find a way to make this happen, dude."

*squints eyes then puts fist through notebook screen*

Of course, I never hear from them after this little fiasco. This is twice, that this has happened(not the same exact story mind you but somewhat just as chicken shit). This whole experience for me has been more disturbing than a Golden Girls wet T-shirt contest. I could seriously bite a railroad spike into 3 pieces. As an added bonus, my internet connection has been fading in and out like Charlie Sheen's sobriety.


Whiner Girl said...

I must say that sometimes you have the most eloquent way of putting things.

Whiner Girl said...


tysgirl said...

Have you tried Craig's list?

And I had to laugh at your assumption that you're dealing with mostly teenagers. No shit sherlock, who else drives a Subaru? Oh yeah, you do.

:::runs and hides::::

Anonymous said...

Craig's List or even EBay, maybe?

I'm about to have a repair bill for my little bug. I need to take it in to have it inspected and last night I realized it's not gonna pass. I have no low beams! High beams are just fine, low beams are not there. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

I had a yellow Subaru wagon back in college complete with Gratful Dead stickers. I'm surprised I didn't get pulled over more than I did.

Complaint Department Manager said...

Everyone, I'm on craigslist, did it 2 days ago. I would do ebay but those insertion fees are a bit disconcerting, especially if I don't sell them.

Whiner girl - I'm very eloquent when there's something in it for me, if not, I'm pretty crass as a general attitude guideline.

Tysgirl - sad part is, I came across more of those teenagers today, this shit is really getting annoying.

Kim, you may ahve one of 2 problems from what you described. Either your headlights need replacing or you may have a bad alternator. I don't know how hard it is to do on a bug, but some places like autozone are doing the installs free, if it's easy for them to access.

Anonymous said...

One of the headlights was just replaced a few months ago (it took my neighbor, husband and myself 3 days to get it done, bugs are not easy to work on, even for something like a headlight!) so I don't think it's the headlights, and I don't want it to be the alternator....I've had to replace those before in other cars..very expensive!

john lee said...


Saw your comment on the bus about Ponce Inlet.

Check this out for a memory jog.


Rhea said...

Your metaphors have me on the floor laughing like a drunk Eddie Murphy...ok, maybe I can't do them as well as you.


Damn, CD, it sux to be you right now, huh? What the taco bell is going on? Here's praying that you will get over this hump really soon.