Thursday, June 19, 2008

I'll Say It Again

I've mentioned this a time or two , but it still irks me. I may as well beat this horse 'til I'm sure it's dead and so are the flys buzzing around it. Why is it that Europe gets the better cars? I've seen this talked about in forums over and over and I see some really, uh..drrrrrrr answers. I love the,"Well, their fuel is higher than ours so they need to have more efficient cars? ...And? So let me get this straight, if gas prices go back to say...$2.00 a gallon, does this mean we should all go out and put the demand for H1's and H2's to all time high? That's about as responsible as bailing out all those celebrities that are getting their homes foreclosed on, just because they're swell guys. (Sorry Ed McMahon, you make that kind of coin and don't hire a respectable accountant???) This country suffers from a, "I want my cake AND eat it too WITH an option of going back for seconds" complex. Lets not be like Al Roker and NOT learn from our lessons(Yep, he's fat...again). I am one who is trying to make the most of this. I had a lot of sweet motor upgrades to the Stinger Missile, but in doing so will only decrease my mileage while increasing my chances for boneheaded opportunities of getting a speeding ticket while racing junior who's out driving mom's Jag. So now, I'm selling the parts. If I had my druthers, I'd trade my car RIGHT NOW for a turbo diesel or even a hybrid car. I digress and summarize that this country lacks accountability and doesn't really learn well from past mistakes.

Moving on, VW has announced that the new Jetta will be available this Fall. There's a bit more added intel from Dieselblog on this. I'd love to see what a hypermiler could do with this, just out of curiosity.

Oh, and if that wasn't enough to convince people to find better MPG's, think twice before going over the speed limit, there may be more cities following this lead. I for one will be taking some time to reevaluate my driving habits, in the spirit of accountability and common sense.

I'm trying to be a better example.(key word:trying)



today i saw a commercial where they are literally giving away rv's and motorhomes. go figure.

price of gas will not go down for at least another 5 years. :::sigh:::

my hub told me about the new jetta. it's worth looking into. right now i it takes 72 bucks to fill up my chrysler 300 hemi...every three days.


Rhea said...

That picture hurts. Ouch.

I hadn't heard about the new jetta. interesting.

Alli Narayan said...


I was reading your article about fuel efficiency and I remember many, many years ago, a car manufacturer had come out with a very efficient car and it was so fuel efficient that ultimately because of a Court Order, the customers were forced to return them and the cars were junked. The oil lobby won. There was a documentary made about it. I don't know the car's name or the car manufacturer - yes, in the USA. I found it very shocking and sad. Looking at this, I say people don't seem to have the power to change things even if they want to.

Complaint Department Manager said...

Alli - I'm going to take a shot in the dark and say the documentary was called "Who Killed the Electric Car?" It is an excellent flick and I highly recommend it. The car company was GM and it was the EV-1 projet that got scrapped...along with ALL the cars.

Actually, people DO have the power, they're just not demanding it from the automotive industry. This country has a lazy mentality at times, "if it's too much work to bother with, then oh well, I guess we'll just have to spend more and deal with it." I get pissed off many times because people aren't getting pissed off enough themselves to take some action. I at least am not afraid to perform my mia culpa and strive for a better way of living.

Thanks for stopping by, stay tuned for more that will surely come.

Jeff B said...

Just caught your comment at Rhea's. Thought I'd drop in.

The whole gas price debacle seems to be a two edged sword for me. On one hand it pisses me off to no end that big oil is bilking the American public out of millions as it continues to get fat and happy. The flip side is that maybe, just possibly the consumers will get so fed up with the BS that manufacturing practices and technologies will change.

That's a big maybe I realize, but one can hope right?

I read back a few posts and I've gotta say, I've never heard Johnny B Good kick that much ass before. The others were good too, but that one really rocked.

limpy99 said...

I added about 120-160 miles a tank to my Honda Accord by going the speed limit, putting the car in neutral on any decent hill and filling the gas tank as slowly as possible, (seriously, it takes a good five minutes to fill half a tank), in the early morning. The last two steps becuase gas is much less volatile when it's cooler out and is pumped slowly. Sounds like BS I know, but my odometer isn't lying.

I don't think.

Complaint Department Manager said...

Jeff & limpy welcome to the party! Crash all you like, I do it all the time.

Jeff, it is kind of sad that it takes something like this to get people to wake up, I'm just as guilty. By the way, ya got a great ear for music .

limpy, if you have an auto transmission, that could screw it up big time, amigo. I gotta give ya mad props on adding that kind of mileage to the tankful.

limpy99 said...

I drive a stick. Which is getting harder and harder to find. But you're right; constantly putting an automatic from drive to neutral and back again is a recipe for disaster.

Complaint Department Manager said...

The was a bit of an exception to that, if you have one of those new bad ass 6 speed autos or better, it is possible without doing a lot of harm. The only thing is that you have to match RPMs to to the speed and gear appropriate, if you don't know your car real well...CLUNK!