Sunday, June 8, 2008

Perhaps These Guys Are Trying To Tell Us Something

The idiot of the village that is in S.W. Mo. would like to share an observation. I was mowing my yard a little while ago and saw this in the upper corner of my house. I then took a look around to scan the neighborhood and couldn't help but notice that EVERY SINGLE HOUSE surrounding mine had one of these little homes on their not-so-little homes. It got me to thinking, this land was once prevalent with trees and now it just has homes on it. This situation also makes me think how we took the land from the native indians and now they're getting it back by the way of casino and tacky jewelry. *ehem* I digress, an idea sprang earlier this year for me to start planting trees in my yard and my mother(in her infinite resourcefulness) found the National Arbor Day Society. The run down is this, you can get 10 trees for 10 bucks shipped to your door. You get a wide variety of trees to choose from and a membership to the foundation which requires NO further obligation. Don't need 10 trees? Neither did my mother, as she ponied up the 10 bucks just to get a few and is giving me the rest. This would be a great way to promote community involvement for those who consider themselves tree huggers. All kinds of scenarios are possible here. Get 10 neighbors to kick in a buck for a single tree each or 2 bucks for 2, etc... More of the land in and around S.W. Mo. is being developed, even with a VERY slow housing market. I believe the builder's loan loop hole is being milked to an irresponsible level. It's sad seeing all the fires of the old trees that were cut down for the sake of housing that is nonexistent or commercial strip malls that lay vacant for a year or more. It's no wonder that road kill around here lately is disturbingly getting more and more prevalent as well...think about it.

So far, I found 2 nests on my gutters and don't have the heart to touch the nests and I seriously doubt I'll be able to collect rent from them. I also have a few scattered on top of fence posts in my backyard. Perhaps with these trees that I will be planting, these birds will have new real estate to park themselves. The only thing is, it's going to take a while for them to grow to a size appropriate enough to be nest worthy. At least I'm trying. As a side note, ever see what those construction contractors drive?

End green rant.


Rhea said...

That's a great rant! I've been noticing lots of nests around here also. It kind of makes me sad.

I love the ten trees for ten dollars. That's awesome!

Kim said...

We have the same nest in the corner of our porch. It's on the second family of birds...the first family must have sublet it. Until not that long ago, our development was a farm. I feel the same way as you about the trees. I love trees! Over the last 2 years, we've planted 31 trees on our tiny, postage stamp sized lot! I might just get 10 more!


We have a mud nest with beautiful birds on our porch also. Hey, I'm gonna look into this tree buying thing. I need mega trees in my backyard!

tysgirl said...

We did the National Arbor Day Society thing. The trees were in good shape but they were VERY small.

Jason said...

I was thinking about putting a few trees in my front I think I definitely will do it.