Friday, August 14, 2009

Just Another Reason To Hate the Philidelphia Eagles...

Just in case some of you don't know by now, Michael Vick was given a 1 year deal with an optional second to play with the Eagles. I never was one for the Eagles and now this puts my respect for them beneath even the New Jersey Jets.

I am the Complaint Department Manager and I hope this dog never gets his day.


dr sardonicus said...

From a football standpoint, though, it's a good situation for Vick. He's basically been signed as their third-string quarterback. He's not guaranteed to make the team by any means. There's no pressure on him because the Eagles aren't going to expect him to play unless McNabb and Feeley both get hurt. Also, Donovan McNabb is similar to Vick, and Vick could learn some things from him. But he's likely to spend the year just getting back in shape.

Vick's game, though, was based upon his running ability, and he no doubt lost a good deal of that while behind bars. Running laps in the prison yard just isn't the same as NFL competition. Unless Vick somehow learned to throw a forward pass while incarcerated, I predict his comeback will be a short-lived one. Several players have attempted to return to the NFL following a prison stint; none have been successful.

It's Me said...

Love the pic!! awesome....and i agree with every word of your post!

Anonymous said...

Michael Vick is a HUMAN BEING.

I love animals as much as the next guy. I had my face nearly ripped off by a dog when I was three years old. A friendly dog, a family dog. Scars all over the left side of my face and the bottom right side of my face. The dog wasnt put down. He lived for another 10 years. He was forced to sleep in the backyard for 3 weeks and wasnt given a bone for about a year. He was fine though. I walk around looking like Frankenstein. I doesnt make me love dogs any less.

Mike Vick did his time. He also paid some hefty fines. Football is his occupation. Its what HE DOES. He should be able to return to work. PERIOD. God forgives us of our transgressions, we should forgive VICK. Who the hell is anyone to say the man should continue to be punished??? Who is so lily white perfect that they are better than VICK???

Consider the way HUMANS have been treated in the long history of this country before you judge Michael Vick- who has GIVEN AWAY plenty of his money to charity.
He didnt kill a child. He didnt kill his wife. He didnt have a torrid affair with a teenager. He didnt steal. He did what a choice few red necks have been doing for a long long time.

PETA can kiss my entire ass too. I'll be at the stadium cheering VICK on. Humans are more important to me, and certainly more worthy of forgiveness and understanding, than any animal walking the earth.

So, good luck Mike. Look past the hatred. Look forward. You have your whole life ahead of you. Do the best you can bro.

Ironic that FOOTBALL is a sport where the players are groomed and trained to hurt each other in order to score a touchdown...ironic indeed.

Jenn said...

welcome back CDM, hate what you've done with the blog and all the peeps. LOVE the photocrop, would have been better if it were a pitbull. LMAO.

I don't think Vick should be on a team at all. Major League ball players are roll models for our children. When they screw up and are allowed to get away with it that is the same msg they are sending the kids. You can do it too.

All Major League ball players that do a heinous crime should not be allowed to play again. dog fighting, steroids, al.


The CDM said...

Doc - I happen to be of the mindset that Vick will be automatically put in the driver's seat if(and this is a big "if") McNabb becomes unruly. Kind of an insurance policy as Feely is no answer(just like Kerry Collins) as a replacement. I hope you are right that his comeback is a short one for reasons I'll address to Caspar.

Me - Thanks, I always enjoy the support.

Caspar - Yes, he's a human being. A human being in a HIGH position in society. This position influences the younger generation regardless of what any one person believes or says. He's a role model, like it or not and thus is held to a higher standard. This is why I want him out and for good.

I'm also of the mindset that the animal shouldn't be blamed, just like guns, they don't kill people, people using them do. Just as an animal is only mean and nasty if it is trained to be so by its owner. I could be bit by a dog tomorrow and I wouldn't want its immediate destruction, I couldn't live with that over my head whether it was my choice or not and I am FIRMLY against the putting down of animals as a mandate in cases of animal attacks.

As far as what Vick has given away, I give a crap. No one(other than yourself) really knows of this and the media is to blame for that as well for not reporting the good as much as the bad, but still, I don't give him a pass(no pun intended). Here's why, would you give a petifile a pass if he's given so much to charity? a deviant is a deviant and just because they give away shit to asuade their guilt means dick to me. I would also like to see the rednecks you brought up punished equally.

By the way, I agree with you on PETA, they can kiss my ass too. Those jokers are fucking crazy and hypocrates to boot. They're eco-terrorists plain and simple. They had at one time great intentions, but now they are a runaway freight train that needs derailing. Also, football, lacrose, soccer and even basketball now are sports where physical contact is inevitable in order to score points and/or get ahead...boys will be boys. Piss on Vick, steroid using ball players, woman beating hip-hop stars, drug using actors and even hypocritical politicians that claim "family values" and screw around on their wives on our dime...Fuck 'em all. When you are a celebrity of any sort you are in a higher position of influence and power and they should be held to stricter forms of punishment when guilty, end of story.

Doc Jenn - I'm starting to wonder what I neglect more, this blog, Facebook or Twitter.

dr sardonicus said...

1. I can think of no reason why Donovan McNabb would become unruly at this point unless he winds up in an elevator with your buddy Rush Limbaugh.

2. Feeley is a marginal QB at best, but he's a better passer than Vick and has the advantage of knowing the Eagles' system.

3. This role model shit needs to be put to rest once and for all. Kids today know that professional athletes are no paragons of character - they know far more about the teams they follow than I did when I was growing up simply because there's more information out there. The kids know as well as the adults that Michael Vick ran a dogfighting ring, Manny Ramirez used steroids, Kobe Bryant was accused of rape, etc., etc. I know a few kids in sports; their heroes, if they have any, are their fathers, brothers, coaches, or local high school and college kids who made good. Besides, it's not like these pro athletes do anything really important, like run the country or anything like that. Kids today are smarter and/or more cynical than to have role models in the sense that earlier generations did growing up. I'm not sure that this is as bad as many in the older generations seem to think it is.

Jenn said...

you can be my friend on Facebook, the link is on my blog. I quit twitter but I am hung up on stinking MW over to FB. grr.

Anonymous said...


dogs don't attack humans unless humans train them to do so?

take a gander at this here old boy:

what part of a family friendly dog nearly ripped my face off when I was three did you not understand?
the dog was never trained to attack. he was a lazy, mixed mutt who was generally goofy as hell unless you got too close.

uh, pedophiles rape little kids. not the same as dog fighting no matter how much you try to mix and scramble to the stories. there is no parallel. Vick did time and paid fines for a dog fighting operation. absolutely cannot compare to atrocities committed against other human beings. not sure why you went there...big difference between little boys and girls being raped and sexually exploited and a bunch of dogs who want to rip each other to shreds anyway.

role models? no athlete on EARTH is a role model to anyone I know. they make too much money and are too flawed for me to tell my children to follow their lead. my kids are individuals...and hopefully always will be...the higher standards are supposed to be set by the parents, not the athletes.

this post and some unsavory comments left by PETA enthusiasts on my facebook page really got me twisted. but, like I said, humans do not seem to be as valued as animals anymore. I would rehabilitate a human being before I attempted to rehabilitate an animal. Teach a human being the difference between right and wrong, help him or her recall their humanity, and the animal kingdom will be just fine.


The CDM said...

Caspar - Had no idea you'd be THIS pissed about this issue, even to the point of removing me from Facebook and your blogroll, day-um. Can't remember the last time we didn't see eye to eye on an issue, but I know we did. To think that THIS put you over the edge???


Anonymous said...

yeah...its like that...

I simply cannot believe so many people have mounted a soapbox over a football player, who is - EUREKA!!!!! - a human being, and decided they are going to re-convict a man who has already been punished for his crime(s), who is working side by side with the Humane Society, and who wants to go on with his life. So what he'll be making 6 million dollars a year! His human body has been trained to be a modern day gladiator in an organization where there doesnt appear to be one african american quarterback in sight. Isnt Vick the human equivalent of a fighting dog? Trained to hurt and maim, if necessary, for a touchdown?

And it was equally disturbing to see a picture of the man being raped by a dog. Like, really??? Christians are giving the thumbs up on a pic that promotes bestiality too - which is supposed to be horrendous in the eyes of the God they serve? Gee, what would Jesus say and do about such a lack of forgiveness and love?

What the fuck is wrong with people??? I can understand a persons love for animals. I love my animals - I have three cats. Prior to the cats I had two hamsters and I had a nervous breakdown when they died. I grew up with a Dachsund named Elsa whom I had to physically take to the vet and sit next to when she was euthanized. I also had a white german shepherd named Bear who let my kids ride on his back and was so loved that we keep his ashes on the mantel in my mothers house. But a dog, humping a man, in retaliation for the man running a dog fighting operation? Nah, bro. Most foul. Most foul indeed.

Violence is EVERYWHERE. Human beings kill each other without remorse all of the time. I'm sorry, did I miss the memo about the state of emergency in the canine community? Maybe I was too distracted about the state of humanity ...

Once we treat other with more kindness and understanding, perhaps everything else will be as it should.

Until then, no one has the right to retry Vick. NO ONE.

The CDM said...

Wow, so much for "look beyond the hate". You have yourtake and opinion and that is all you, I respect that. I've had issues with people on their opinions, but not to the point where I take them off my blogroll and then act like a child taking my ball and leaving. Just so you know, I won't take you off my blogroll, nothing I can do about the Facebook thing, but you'll still be welcome. I don't just give up on people I'm acquainted with over something as silly as this. Somebody has to be the better person.

Apparently some people can dish it out, but can't take it. Sad day, today.

Anonymous said...

Hey, ummm...guys? Play nice! ;-) We don't always have to agree with each other...just because people don't agree doesn't mean they can't still be friends. :-)