Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Springfield, Ill is Trying to Kill Me!!!

Just last week, I made a trip to Schaumburg, Il. I have to admit, it's a great place to visit/stay while in Chicagoland. One thing they have is AWESOME fucking food! So much so, that there's too much for me to list and I am now too fat to reach my keyboard over my now looming gut...but it was worth it.

More importantly, I need to direct everyone's attention to a culinary terrorist joint I stopped at along the way in Springfield, Il. called The Coney Island Restaurant. What these home-grown gastro-terrorists have created was nothing short of a killer...a proverbial cardiac arrest on a plate called "The Horseshoe".

What is it? Well, you actually get your choice of meats to put on this thing, but I chose well and went with the burger. What it is, is this: They start out with 2 pieces of Texas toast, slap down 2 patties of meat(burger), then cover it with a mound of fries...but wait, it gets better! After all that is mounded on to your plate, they cover it with cheese sauce! The end result looks like this:

Me, not wanting to let a culinary time bomb to go off, sacrificed myself, my cholesterol count and temporary use of fitting clothes so that I may reduce this cholesterol bomb to this:

I don't think of myself as a hero, but if I can save someone else from being put in the path of something like this, I will gladly forfeit my health and safety so that you and everyone else can rest easy...and in proper fitting clothes.

I am the Complaint Department Manager and I now see why Illinois is abbreviated as "Ill".


Sue said...

That looked pretty good! I'll take the texas toast and burger, you can have my fries and cheese, they bloat me up!

You're gaining weight cuz you're in love, happens all the time! :-)

The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

Nice! I could use one of those. Thinking of making an IL trip over EAster. Maybe I should make a pitstop here?

Michelle from IL said...

Did you make it to Molly's Cupcakes in Lincoln Park? The Ron Bennington is sublime.

Anonymous said...

Coney Island is worth the trip. I had to wipe with a wet toe' sack for a week after my last visit.