Thursday, June 18, 2009

Air Conditioning Went Out

The house is just over 5 years old and now the A.C. went out. NOT...HAPPY!!! Last night I had to go to sleep while the house hit 83. It only went down to 80 this morning. Later today, the heat index will hit close to 100...this is bullshit!!! I have someone scheduled to come out tomorrow, if I want someone now they want 3 times the price. What is the price for comfort? The last time the house was this hot, I came home from vacation last summer in Arkansas and I left the A.C. off, BIG MISTAKE.

I am the Complaint Department Manager and I disapprove of this sweating.


Mary said...

Did the same people that built Kim's house also build yours????

Kim said...

Ha, yeah...welcome to the club! Make sure it gets fixed don't want to have to have it 'fixed' 5 times in 5 years like we did.

Complaint Department Manager said...

Mary - No, just some local doucebag with the first name of James. I don't think I should say the rest. I haven't heard one good thing said by anyone I have talked to (around 10 thus far)about his professionalism.

Kim - I have a guy coming Friday. I tried to hold out and stay at home as long as I could, after I saw 89 on the thermostat, me and the 2 thugs bolted from the place.

I have a hunch as to what the problem is and it's directly linked to the builder, but will be difficult to prove. However, any HVAC guy worth their salt will side with me if I'm right.

Lil Jim said...

Bertsch heating and air keeps the Lee homes cool/warm as appropriate at a reasonable cost and they always come quick (last time took two hours from call to fix)