Friday, June 5, 2009

I'm a Local Celebrity, Get Me Outta Here!!!

Not really, but I play one on this blog. Tomorrow, I'm heading off...on an airplane...from a regional airport...where the safety record for such types of airports aren't too swooft. Either way, I'm sick of this scenery and need some new digs for the peeps, even if it is a flaming inferno that I may happen to be riding. But do you really want to know what my ultimate concern is right now? Check that, the second most ultimate concern? I'm just hoping they don't give me a piece of shit rental car, one that was ragged out before I got a chance to do it myself. I plan on taking it off-roading in Daytona on Longroofer's beach, where I plan to get stuck and make him pull me out(and your still not getting your sand back, but don't let me stop you from asking about it). THAT is what rental cars are for, recognize.

I am the Complaint Department Manager and I *heavy sigh*...stop watching people on reality TV do things with their lives and do it your-fucking-self!!!

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Kim said...

Why have I not yet gotten a phone call from a rollercoaster?