Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cheating Principals


After attending a conference for school administrators of Texas, I learned something new. Yep, we live in a "cheating" USA. I was appalled at all the infidelity I witnessed. People that I held high on a pedestal and people that are perfect "role models" in our profession were showing an ugly side of themselves after a few drinks. I was so damned disgusted.

People do not give a damn anymore whether a wedding ring is on the "pursued" person's hand. They don't give a damn about the wedding ring on their OWN damned hand.

There was so much infidelty going on, my head was spinning in confusion. I quietly made my exit to avoid vomiting in my mouth. The happenings were so blatant and without shame. I'm talking MANY people....many.....not just one, two, or three. I saw so many "hook-ups" and was left wondering if there was an honest person in the state of Texas left.

I'm disgusted.

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