Monday, June 1, 2009

Reality TV Ain't Reality TV...DEAL!!!

With the recent mass hysteria over who won American Idol and who won Britain's Got Talent, I have come to the following conclusion: Reality TV ain't Reality TV! Personally, I DO NOT watch such drivel, I prefer the cartoon drivel.

Reality is how you go about your daily routine and how you handle the situations given you along the way(notice, no cameras were mentioned). You see, once TV cameras get involved and everyone knows they're there, reality goes out the window and now you have yourself a script played out live. Let's face it, EVERYONE acts differently when a TV camera gets thrown into the equation and not just in the way you might think. Take me for example; this semester, one of my many groups were working on a presentation. Come time to perform, the instructor decided she wanted to videotape our presentation(yes, any group I'm a part of is THAT good). Instantly everyone was thrown off their game plan and I would dare say that a few(other than me) were a tad more dramatic than during past rehearsals. This is why I loath TV cameras(nothing personal to those who work in the industry and are true know who you are).

So, what is reality TV? Simple, well placed nanny cams and impromptu camera phone pervs trying to catch a glimpse up some chick's skirt. But more importantly, REALITY TV AIN'T REALITY TV!!! Deal with it!...and stop watching American Idol, you're just going to get pissed off in the end. Save the frustration and disgust for something useful, Anniversary.

I am the Complaint Department Manager and I approve this Reality TV bashing.

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