Friday, June 19, 2009

Seriously, I Am Sick!!

My apologies Counters.

I am just Sick!! I know, it might be hereditary and, quite possibly, might run in all the males in my family. But I Definitely Know I Am Sick.

Last evening, thejeepjunkie and I were sitting on the front porch, the only one I have here at the Taj Mahal down here in Ormond Beach, Florida, the Birthplace of Speed. Sorry about the quality of this image, but while out on the front stoop, we saw this

I know I can hear you Counters asking "What the hell is it?" See that skinny little line at the corner of that upper concrete pad?

That skinny line is two geckos creating more geckos.

Yeah, Gecko Porn!

I told you I was sick!!

It gets even better.

As we spend about 1/2 hour every weekday evening sitting out there consuming quantities of the aluminum canned beverage that emmanates from that City with the famous Arch and watching those geckos running around, we have pretty much identified each of them. There are about 5 or 6, and while they look similar, like any living, breathing being, they each have distinctive markings and mannerisms.

Well, last night we saw BigUn1 doing the nasty with the Lime Green one, as shown in this image.

Tonite we saw BigUn2 doing the nasty with the same Lime Green one.

The Slut!!

And while BigUn2 and the Lime Green one were doing the nasty, BigUn1 was around the corner walking toward them and they skidattled behind a bush, no pun intended, out of sight.

Yeah, I am sick!

But at least acknowledging that allows me to

Celebrate Life.

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It's Me said...

LMAO........gecko porm!!!

The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

I believe that nature is my own little porno show.

I was at the Bronx Zoo Mouse House and watched two tree shrews go at it.

As a teen I was looking out my dining room window at breakfast one morning and witnessed two squirrels on a tree branch.

In college I always seemed to catch the ducks mating in the spring at the campus duck pond.

My vacation photos from Chincoteague have often included a couple of ponies doing the nasty.

I've also seen giant turtles and slugs going at it.

Thanks for showing me geckos now too. I feel my collection of nature porn is complete.

clipper said...

Any scandalous shots of the GIECO gecko? He'd be the one in the business suit.

The slutty female gecko can't help herself. She is simply loose moraled "lot lizard."