Thursday, March 6, 2008

New Rule: Take Those Old Campaign Stickers Off Your Car!

Long, LONG day for me as I drove to Branson, Branson West, Marshfield, Bolivar, Republic and all around Springfield. While at the Home depot, I caught this dumb ass with more than one offense. Lets take a look shall we:

1. My original beef was the 'tard way he parked his land barge.
2. He still has a campaign sticker from 4 freakin' years ago plastered on that damn thing.
3. Why admit you supported that G.O.Piece of shit?

As far as any campaign stickers go(and this goes for ALL parties), when the voting is over, take the damn things off! It doesn't make you look like anything else but either lazy or stupid, period-end-of-discussion.


Anonymous said...

I have a Kerry/Edwards sticker not on my car, but on my son's wagon. It pisses off the neighbors so I leave it on to annoy them. ;-) Of course, we hardly ever use the wagon and I certainly don't take it more than a block or so from our house, so it doesn't count.

I agree...people really should take political bumper stickers off their vehicles after the election!

As for that parking job, whew! What bugs me is when people take or MANY spots in a crowded lot. Grrrr. Or park so close to me that I can't open my door. I used to have a pack of what looked like parking tickets, but they were really obnoxious. They said something like may the fleas of a million camels nest in your armpit, ro something like that.
When I'd see people parking like that I'd make sure nobody was looking, then I'd stick the ticket under their windshield wiper. If I had time, I'd stick around to catch the reaction of the driver when he or she returned to the car. It was always priceless! I'm going to have to see if I can find some more of those tickets to carry with me.

dr sardonicus said...

Can't ruin that fine paint job, now...

California Girl said...

Right On!!! I so agree with you!

Mary said...

Kinda like Christmas lights left up until May or June - or not taken down at all, huh?