Thursday, March 20, 2008

S.O.S. Same Old Situation

No, not the Motley Crue tune but something else that has me extremely disappointed. Recently, I found myself somewhat stabbed in the back and I'm not going to mention names because I am hoping for a change in these individuals behaviors. I really hate it when someone who warms up to me, to then later, show tendencies of the 2 faced way of doing business that I saw while living in Arkansas and thus, the same old situation. I left Arkansas because I was tired of people saying nice things to my face, only to later find out from a leak in their little loop of what was said about me. for me, what you see is what you get. If I have a problem in any way, shape or form with someone, it WILL come out and not behind their back. I am so sick of this kind of mentality that I am currently looking elsewhere to reside as clearly my way is not the way here. Perhaps I am blowing this out of proportion or perhaps in my hopes that S.W. Missouri would be different, that I was conveniently blind. Either way, I have lost some respect for these individuals and it really saddens me. I guess I could hope that maybe that these individuals will see this and make an about face in their ways, but I seriously doubt it. This has me so frustrated, angry, and disheartened that I just want to bite a railroad spike in half. For someone to have such clout and to be thought of as a great persons within their realm, makes this even worse. I hate being treated like some dolt, as I have many professors who will take exception to that. I can't remember the last time I was out smarted by these types of individuals, but I can say that I was out dumbed many times.

For what it's worth, I know that people are just people and changing my location won't change much for the situation, but then again, it probably will. I lived in the Pacific Northwest area for a while and this kind of mentality just does not exist there. So far, the feelers are out and I am researching my options.

This is just a very unorganized rant, I just wish that those who are currently on my shit list will quickly get themselves off if only they would read this and take it seriously. I believe that if I shit in my right hand and wished for what I want in the left, that I am sure which hand will get filled first. I will not be testing this theory.


California Girl said...

Oh man, thats gotta suck royally. I am sorry you're facing this kind of situation. If you're traveling West, stop by and see my fair town. If you blink you may miss it!

I will keep thr good thoughts flowing your way. Just possibly these folks will see your post and change. It can happen.

Keep your head up and remember what a good person you are. I know this to be true!

Anonymous said...

That does suck, but you're're going to find those type of people everywhere. Except maybe in the Pacific Northwest. ;-)

Hey, if you want to make a change in residence, or at the very least take a vacation, the piedmont area of North Carolina is nice. I'd love to meet you! :-) I'm always trying to get people I like to join us here...come on over, the more the merrier!

Whiner Girl said...

I hear what you're sayin' man. Last September I overhauled my entire life to get away from all the crap that was bringin' me down. That included moving to get away from people that were toxic and a change of career, I can honestly say I've never been happier. Of course, that's not to say I don't still have things to whine about! Best of luck to ya!!

Jason said...

I hate to break it to you man...those kinds of people exist everywhere. Just today I found out that someone I thought was a good person full of integrity was anything but who I thought they were.

I'm sorry to hear what happened...but you'll overcome this!

Busplunge said...

Hey! Remember, this!

The CDM said...

Thanks Kim, Cali Girl and Whiner Girl. If I ever do get a vacation I'll keep those thoughts in mind. At the time, I was just so angry, I could barely think straight.

Jason, I do believe I mentioned that I knew of the existence of these people being everywhere, it's just no so prevalent in some places and yes, I will overcome this and more.

BP, Monty Python, where to start? I just have to remind myself, Tis but a scratch!