Friday, August 3, 2007

Are People in the Media Getting More Rude or Is It Just Me?

I was watching an interview this morning and noticed that the guy giving the interview kept cutting off the other guy he was interviewing so he could ask another question. Soon as he interrupts and talks over the other guy, they both stop talking and then there is this awkward silence and then the interviewer apologizes for cutting him off. If he would have just let the guy finish his thought, this probably wouldn't have happened and would not have to waste time with the awkward silence and the time it took to apologize. I have noticed this on every station: CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS...etc. What's the deal? Everytime I witness this behavior, I find myself yelling at the TV like an idiot saying: "Shut the hell up and let the guy finish you asshole!"
The thought had occurred to me that this is not just in the media but with normal everyday conversations that people have. I have found that I am somewhat guilty of this behavior too. Did I learn this by being exposed to rude reporters and unconsciously adapt this into my everyday communication skills? Every once in a while I will catch a show like "Meet the Press" and the like, and they show footage from 'back in the day'. I don't see the same style of Q&A as I see now. I know there are time constraints, but is that a good enough excuse for this disturbing trend? If there is another reason why these people have chosen this new and inconsiderate way of communication, I'd like to hear it.

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