Monday, August 13, 2007

Have It Your Way...Or Their Way?

This is not much of a complaint, but nonetheless, a complaint. When I go out to eat and say, order a cheeseburger, shouldn't that be what I get and just that? Then why do they add pickles, ketchup, mustard, and in some places onions? When you stroll up to the counter and order that cheeseburger they should then ask what you want on it. Me, I like my cheeseburgers plain, I don't need a garden thrown on top just because someone thought that that's how everyone likes them. There are a few chains out there who have managed to get this right by giving you just a cheeseburger, then ask if you want anything on it or better yet, you put it on yourself and however much of it you want on it. Putting stuff on that I didn't order because it just happens to be the way they do things is just so communist. It's bad enough to get this order taken from someone who just wants me and everyone behind me to go somewhere else besides their location. Like I said, a menial complaint, but still a complaint.

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