Sunday, August 12, 2007

Should the Drinking Age Be Lowered to 18?

This topic is more top heavy than Pamela Anderson in a centrifuge. I watched coverage of this issue this morning on TV and it already had me irritated before it was over with. I say lower it. Why? First, I you can fight for your country and vote at 18, then you should be able to drink as well. I love to hear "experts" say, "Studies show that...Blah, Blah, Blah." You know that studies show a lot of things...when they are recorded! How many teenagers are willing to have their behavior accurately recorded. At that age, you're busy sneaking around and learning how to lie to your parents better. Second, I hear, "Eighteen year-olds can't make solid decisions at that age because there is a part of their brain that is still forming and drinking requires solid decision making skills." And enlisting in the military doesn't? Thanks for the ammo "experts". Louisiana already has a drinking age of 18 and they haven't fallen into chaos...that's what hurricanes are for(not the Pat O'Brian's kind). Lastly, the more you raise the drinking age, the more it will entice people of that age, it's true. Most people from the early 80's, when the drinking age was raised, saw from the get-go, the effect that it created and watched it grow with time. I don't support drinking at that age by any means, but I don't encourage the government forcing 18 year-olds to be more creative in their approach to deceive their parents and so forth.

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.~*KATT*~. said...

I also think it should be lowered. like he said, If you can go to war and pretty much have a death wish if you piss the wrong people off, cant you drink which might have the same effects....death? honestly, yes, i am under 18 and kind of think it should be lowered because it would be cool, but all around, if people make good decisions, they wouldnt drink if they had school the next day. like i said, i am a teen....and teens dont listen to the law. if people set rules, we think we have to disobey them. thats how i think and thats how most people i talk to think. so either way, we are going to get booze!