Saturday, August 4, 2007

Screaming Children and the Parents Who...Ignore Them

What is it about Walmarts that attract parents who chose THAT particular time to not deal with their kids? Has anyone ever been to Walmart and NOT heard a screaming kid during your visit? What tells person that the best way to discipline your child is to just let him scream, maybe he will run out of energy after a while and calm down...(yeah, after 30 minutes of blood curdling screaming) I can't tell you how many times, when I witness this lack of parenting skill , that I would love to backhand the non responsive parent(regardless of gender). How about that calm, reasoning approach...(in a very quiet and effortless voice)"Now,Now, don't do that. I don't appreciate you acting up like this" What-the-hell-ever, you weak minded, self deluded piece of crap!
Okay, new rule...the next time you see a parent taking the 'passive' approach, the next closest and non-related adult, must take charge and take the child out of the store with the parent and bitch slap the parent with the child watching. Oh yeah, the offending parent must also give up what ever cash they have on them to the adult who had to take charge to compensate for the inconvenience. Just joking, of course...sort of.

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