Monday, August 6, 2007

Now On DVD, Now On TV

Every once in a while I like to rent movies, just like everyone else. But, what gets me is some movies that are now out on DVD later show up on TV (SPIKE, USA, TNT). The problem I have with this is, of course, EDITING! Have you ever tried to watch something like "The Usual Suspects" on regular broadcast? A great movie turned silly with all the dubbed words and missing footage. I actually saw a listing for "Showgirls"(obviously, one of the worst movies ever made, even the uncensored version). I couldn't believe that it was scheduled for 2 hours of airtime. With all the editing, it should be more like a 30 minute clip, unless they plan to run over an hour for commercials. The only movies I have ever watched on regular TV was "Harry Potter" films. The ones aired usually contain deleted scenes from the theatrical version. Does anyone ever get any distinct pleasure out of watching movies on regular television broadcast?

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Anonymous said...

I agree, who died and made her God. Herself that's who. What a hypocrite, just when you think you hear of the worst kind, along comes someone like Nancy Grace space cadet.