Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Seatbelt Laws and Helmet Laws

Nationwide, Click it or ticket campaigns are everywhere. Yet helmet laws are sporadic, why? Purely my opinion, if you inforce one, you enforce the other. In a sanse they are almost the same. They are saftey devices put in place to provide a measure of saftey for the driver and occompanying passenger. If helmeta are optional, then so should seat belts. If someone wants to tempt fate, let 'em. The Highway Patrol should be more occupied by the late mergers and left lane laggers, they are the real problems. I do use my seatbelt, but there are times that I get preoccupied with something and forget to use it, when I notice it, I make the adjustment. Just seems like a crappy way to get a ticket (and no, I was not pulled over recently for this). Again, this is just my opinion.

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