Tuesday, August 7, 2007

People Who Don't Merge in Construction Zones

This probably pisses me off as much as the "lagging in the left lane" I mentioned earlier. People see the signs, they see other people getting over in the lane being merged into, and yet they still haul ass to get to the front of the line and thus bottle necking the traffic behind them. And of course, some sap feels sorry for them enough to let them in anyway. New law, anyone who charges down the lane that is about to be closed, after clear indication has been made and visible as to which lane is being closed, has to submit to a 30 minute penalty on the side of the road while everyone he/she has passed gets to drive by them and taunt them if they see fit. If anyone who is guilty of doing this and happens to stumble upon this site and reads this, just so you know, there are others out there who have no problem with running you off into the median or ditch when you try pulling this crap. I'm not mentioning names, just informing all who read this that they do exist. And by the way, PISS ON YOU, YOU SELF-RIGHTEOUS ASSHOLE!!!

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Laraine said...

Well written article.