Monday, March 10, 2008

Piss on Chevrolet!

I was looking on Chevy's website as I was simply curious to see what the numbers were on the new Chevy Malibu Hybrid. First, the numbers(price or mileage) weren't that great. Then I tried to build one to see at least what I would be able to create. The result: Optional packages and equipment are: an engine block heater and.............well dip me in mustard and call me hot dog, there AREN'T any other options or packages available! Is Chevy deliberately trying to set this car up for failure so they can say the public at large clearly doesn't want a hybrid? Sounds like another one of Chevy's ploys at screwing with the public's interest(remember the EV-1?) on alternative fuel autos. Who the hell wants a car with no options? No packages? Not a damn thing!?!? This makes as much sense as Eliot Spitzer trying to make a booty call tonight. By the way Eliot, next time you wanna cruise for a piece of ass, get Bill Clinton to show ya how it's done, dumbass!


Anonymous said...

Forget Chevy, go with Toyota. I drove a Prius once and thought it was great. We, however, have a Tundra. Also great, but only gets about 18 mpg! That's why we also have a bug...cancels out the gas mileage of the Tundra!

As for Spitzer, my father made the same Bill Clinton joke!

The CDM said...

I have been looking at the Prius, it's just that it may be a bit out of my range for what I want it loaded with, I guess I'd have to scale way back or catch a dealer on a really bad day to get what I want.
This is of course after my car finally craps out. I'm starting to look now because the Stinger Missle has almost 120,000 miles on it and I always like having a backup plan just in case. The next car I get will be either the Prius or a VW diesel if they ever can get those over here.
I'm sick of the european market getting the best selection for cars while we get stuck with the gas hogs. Then they have the audacity to say were addicted to oil.

Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting on a good Hybrid Truck myself. I got 2 more years on the lease of this one though.

Anonymous said...

UNHAPPY CUSTOMER!. Dropped my vehicle off at 10:30am at FUCCILLO CHEVY GRAND ISLAND NY for an oil change, tire rotation, and inspection. I returned at 2:30PM to find that it was NOT DONE AND NOT EVEN TOUCHED! The service manager even stated they took walk-ins before my vehicle. DON'T WAST YOUR TIME AT FUCCILLO CHEVY GRAND ISLAND - INCOMPETENT!!

Anonymous said...

My chevy reliable truck went in the shop after 28000mi. for stabilitrak issues. The dealer tells me on Monday, I would have the truck back on Wed. at noon. I was supposed to be given some type of transportation for my troubles. Talked with countless GM professionals who could not get anything accomplished and never called back to confirm anything. I wanted to support our american company, who we bailed out. Where's our help???? Never again will I make this mistake!!!!!!!!