Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To This Blog

So, I was preparing this blogpost on Tuesday evening.

It was to be about the job on which I was meeting with Manual Labor.

I thought I would get some images of the view, from the condo we were working on, on the 12th floor.

So, I got home and loaded up these images for that blog. As I was doing so, I received a phone call on my trusty Metro PCS cell phone from a 417-880 phone number. While I didn't recognize the number, I, again, figured it was from those folks over at Publisher's Clearing House wanting to give this olelongrooffan a cool $10 million or so.

Well, as in the case of the long lost Uncle, it actually was from the Complaint Department Manager. Yeah, It's True.

His sister, her husband and their kids were down along with the CDM vacationing down in MickeyMouseLand and were headed up to the Home Of The World's Most Famous Beach to hang for the day.

Now, I have blogged about the CDM here, here, and here, and probably a couple more spots also.

I love to bust his chops about many things, including all of the Lighthouses in the area. H*ll, I have even planned an On The Road trip around lighthouses in the Southeast just to continue to continue to bust his chops, as much as possible.

He even gave me a Ration of Sh*t about a postcard I sent him awhile back.

But Counters, you can be rest assured I will do the same d*mn thing, should the situation present itself again.

So, after filling a morning full of errands and coordinating a bunch of subcontractors on the Manual Labor project I am involved in, I headed down to meet up with someone whom I have never met before but felt I have known a long time.

Amazing how these tubes work these days.

The CDM did a blog upon his arrival about this d**che bag in this black Vette's parking skills.

Well, know that when I pulled the oleragtop into the parking area next to those two tourist driving Sebring ragtops, I parked the same way, just to bust his chops.

When I pointed this out to him, his comment was, "Yeah, but you are not a d**che bag." Thanks for the compliment, CDM.

So it was a relaxing few hours talking with someone, in person, whom I have known over these webs for almost a year. A total blast.

And, I had to write this down, his sister, who spent the whole day dragging seashells, chicken bones and fish bones out of that Atlantic Ocean, but she is a real sweetheart, and is married to Sam, a Nuclear Pharmacist, yeah, try and figure that one out, but the cool thing is, his family is from Smackover, Arkansas. It is definitely a place I will have to visit sometime in this life of mine.

So, CDM, it was great to meet you and your family. Thanks for including this olelongrooffan in your vacation and hope to see you again, real soon.

And it is gratifying to meeting people who, as I do, love to

Celebrate Life.

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