Friday, June 12, 2009

More Fun With Parking Lot Douchebags

Look, I'm tired, burnt and exhausted. So, I'll make this quick. See this skinny fuck? Isn't unbelievable that a frequent reader of the Complaint Department STILL manages to park his ragtop bucket on the beach inappropriately? The time spent on Daytona was an absolute blast, although we stayed on the beach a bit longer than we should and thus, everyone got burnt. I'm talkin' left in the toaster on high and walk away.

We were told about a great place to eat after leaving the beach, but as stated earlier left a bit too late and we wanted to at least get a good start on getting back to Orlando. HOWEVER, my sister and her husband remembered they had a giftcard to Chili's and wanted to use it, so we stopped in Port Orange...BIG MISTAKE. We showed up in the place not looking our best and that might have been a reason as to why we got such shitty service. Makes no difference to me, I wasn't feeling that great and in no shape to bitch, so after we left I made a call. I was supposed to get a call from that restaurant, but 3 days later, still no word. I say "FUCK CHILI'S!!!"

I am the Complaint Department Manager and I need a vacation from my vacation.


longrooffan said...

CDM....glad you got a shot of my parking...I meant to but forgot...sorry about the sunburn but hell, it's June, it's Florida, you're on the Beach, and it's a Chamber of Commerce day. You're gonna have that. Sorry you didn't get a chance at Inlet Harbor Restaurant and even sorrier about the shitty place, Chilis. I gave up on them along time ago, right after, the now defunct, Bennigans. Anyway, thanks for the invite and it was great to meet you and the family. Til next time. John

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the tan line on the ankles.... ;-)