Saturday, September 29, 2007

And Then There's this Asshole

Get this, a Jets fan is suing Bill Belichick and the Patriots for, *ehem*..."deceiving customers." He's pulling for (cue Dr. Evil) $184 million! The guy's name is Carl Mayer. He goes on to say, "They violated the integrity of the game" and "This is a way of punishing Belichick and the Patriots." First, Belichick already has been punished and second, this kind of crap has been going on for YEARS. Steroids are just as big of an integrity problem and is more top heavy than Pamela Anderson in a centrifuge, so are you going to sue all the NFL players for "violating the integrity of the game?" Get a life man, seriously. I'll even chip in for a coupon that help set you on the right path (see above) . I like reading good sports news and this ain't it. As far as your precious Jets are concerned...GO TITANS!!!! See your sorry ass on December 23. Kansas City plays your crappy team soon after, hopefully they'll get something going to knock what's left of your hopes into the dirt.

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Strannix said...

Where on Earth did dude come up with a figure like $184 million?