Sunday, September 16, 2007

Top Secret Information

The other day (as part of my job), I had to call on a school district to get the names (again that's names ONLY) of the instructors that taught math and science for the Science Olympiad. I got one school district in particular that gave me the last names and when I asked for the first names I get: "I can't give that information out over the phone": WRONG!!! If I wanted, I could have got their names AND their salaries. They are state employees and thus are fair game. Anyway, even after I reminded her of that fact she still stuck with her explanation. So, while trying not to laugh at how stupid she was, I asked if her school had a website. I actually got a "yes" answer out of on that question, so I asked her to give it to me (over the phone) and I typed it in on my computer as we talked. After I get to the homepage, I go to the faculty part of the website and found not only the last name of the instructor...but the first as well!!! Big shock, I know. After I read all of the instructors names to her, I told her that was all I needed and before she could give any kind of lame excuse, I hung up on her. I never wanted to laugh AND strangle somebody at the same time before.

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