Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dresden Files Cancelled!!!

This is what irritates me, just when you start to get into a show, they yank it. I'm not all geeked out over this show, but it was entertaining. I don't watch much prime time TV, but this was one of the few. The only shows I watch now are: Burn Notice, Dexter, Californication and Real Time with Bill Maher. Anyway, back to Dresden. I got into watching this about halfway through season one after my brother-in-law told me about it. I found it a refreshing change from my normal viewing, after all, you can only take so much Law & Order (all of them) and CSI (again, all of them). Funny thing is, I'm not alone in my dismay over the cancellation. This is getting more buzz than a Ready Whip up one nostril and a Sharpie up the other. This whole thing is like buying a pet, you know it's gonna end at some point, you just don't want that to be so soon. For thousands of Dresden viewers, their pet just got hit by the network truck and fled the scene of the accident not giving much of a crap...just like a lot of other shows.


Strannix said...

I found out about the cancellation a couple of months ago. It was not my favorite show, but I certainly was fond of it. I especially liked the dark tone; I hate my sci-fi and fantasy to be too whimsical.

Complaint Department Manager said...

Months??? Damn, I feel so...out of the loop.

The Libertarian Guy (tm) said...

This sucks. It couldn't have been costing that much for FX on this show... although, on the other hand, they took a LOT of liberties deviating from Butcher's novels (Bob was not an ancient English-accented fop, for instance).

What are they going to do instead... Stargate: CSI?