Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Commercials for Branson, Mo.

I live in the Springfield area, and every single day, I see those hokey Branson ads that make them and the people who live in this area look like a bunch of inbreds. I mean really, when people are driving through this state and stay at a hotel, they turn the TV on and see that crap. This is not a true representation of the residents here. Although, I have seen my share of questionable to the Darwin theory folks around the area. It just makes us all look bad. Black people don't like being profiled and neither do I. When I go out of state and talk with other people, the question always comes up, "So, where do you live?" I always roll my eyes and cringe when I hear that. Oh, and to those who live here and think they are part of the true south, forget about it, you're a mid westerner, DEAL WITH IT!


Jason said...

It's to the point I try to avoid mentioning Branson when I'm traveling.

Complaint Department Manager said...

Abso-freakin'-lutely funny you should say that. I was talking to someone today on campus and got an almost identical response. I don't hate Branson, but they really need to get a clue.

Anonymous said...

This posted in 2007, it's 2013 and things are worse. If tourists knew what goes on in Branson, they would do a "drive by" the hood and spend their money elsewhere. Branson is mob controlled, not live entertainment (not due to lack of entertainers, the entertainers are robbbed and forced to perform in lipsynch - most leaving Branson) and just check, they are booking comedians because the musicians have been so bombarded with negativity and excuses from they're too loud or there are traffic control issues. Some and been booked then denied their booking date and not paid. That is the musicians income, the contract not honored by Branson. The list of misuse and abuse is endless. Gravitational pull does not keep Branson grounded, it plain sucks. The prices are outrageous but the show/building owners have to charge the patron so they can afford to put on a show, get a bit of income and the rest of what they makes go to all the trumped up charges Branson conjurs up. It's sad, Branson lost it's concept. Branson is entrapment not tourist oriented. Plan on spending 2K for a weekend, that will cover a show, meals and minimal shopping for 2 people. If you plan on spending less, tailgait and watch the traffic but be careful, they have the law remove you and tag you with solicitation, obstruction, etc.The merchants smile, some are actually phoney and some smile thru the pain because unless they don a certain personna, the merchants are harrassed to not fit into the "idea" of Branson. Well hear this, most plan Branson for the "hillbilly" country music, roasted corn on the cob, pulled taffy and such. Those hillbilly postcards are not charactures, they are portraits. . unless you see a resemblence to the post card, you're not meeting a hillbilly. There is no live music allowed, just ask city council who is ignorant of their own ordinances filled with loopholes to manipulate the law. The council there count on you being a tourist and not stopping their madness due to not being a resident and able to smack into reality that you the tourist create the revenue, which is partly true, the rest comes from council robbing their vendors as well. Staying anonymous because unfortunately I have to frequent Branson and it's not safe to tie your shoelace on the sidewalk if they target you.