Friday, September 21, 2007

Simple Common Courtesy

Today while driving to and from campus, I decided to play Mr. Nice Guy and let people in while driving through downtown traffic. I don't know what possessed me, but it just happened. Anyway, As I let these people in I kept watch on them as they moved in wave. This is just a menial gripe, but it still gripes my ass when you purposely be nice and they see you motioning and theirs no acknowledgement. For those of you who don't acknowledge the courteous driver: May a thousand fleas of a camel infest your pubic hair.


complain away said...

OMG. I HATE that. The non-wave is rude. I make a point of always giving the wave for that very reason. I especially enjoy it when someone has a non-standard wave. I believe I have been heard to say 'this person gave me the greatest wave today'. I'm so easy to please but I never forget the non-wave.


complain away said...

I especially hate when people don't sign off properly.