Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Enough of O.J. Already!!!

Ya know , I love knowing the fact that the sorry piece of crap known as O.J. is in jail for whatever reason, but do I need 'round the clock coverage on this asshole? Enough already, this guy doesn't deserve even the negative side of the media coverage. I don't want to know what he thinks, says or does. If you must report on the shitastrophe of a human being, then just give me the basics and the end result, from there lets move on. Yes, it's great knowing that just maybe he might be getting tortured over this nonstop coverage, but I doubt it. He loves attention good or bad, so let's try not to give anymore to him, okay?...Oh crap, I just gave him yet even more attention, DAMN YOU O.J.!!!


complain away said...

OK, I can't agree with you more. Really. But, like you, I have to give him a tad more attention because he's just such an asshole. I read this on today and I have to share because it's damn funny:

Notice that OJ Simpson only said he's not doing any interviews, though - and, remembering OJ Simpson's penchant for making money out of his own legal tribulations, that probably means that in the next couple of weeks he'll announce his line of "It's not a robbery if you're taking what's already yours" commemorative oversized mugs and pencil cases. And if that happens, we'll be utterly disgusted with OJ Simpson - especially if he makes those at the expense of the "You think you can steal my shit? Against the wall, motherfucker" decorative keyfobs we've been dreaming about all week.

complain away said...

Can I have permission to use 'shitastrophe'? I think that might be my new favourite non-word.


Complaint Department Manager said...

Use it all you like, I've got plenty in reserve as well. They just might be coming out from time to time, keeps tabs here, cause ya never know when they'll show up.