Sunday, September 2, 2007

Read Before You Post!

Okay, with the last few threads from "anonymous" individuals, I have to tell you people: READ THE FRONT PAGE! I see that with the last few comments some have not seen the section to the right of the posts here. This is what annoys "me" not you and the rest of the world. For those of you who just read some parts to something and not reading further, I feel bad for you. Look, if you feel so angry or even slightly irked by what's here, then either start your own blog or better yet, move on! I've seen lots of blogs that annoy me and I don't thread crap or troll playing Internet crossing guard. Again, this site was for "my" catharsis and don't just make punk remarks, I then refer you to the right side where it is titled "Welcome To Those Who Are Fed Up" and pay close attention to the last part. Now..."I" feel better.


complainaway said...

You tell'em. People suck. Especially anonymous ones who yatter on about other people being self absorbed.

complainaway said...

Yikes... posted that and realized that the broken link made me look like I too was trying to be anonymous. Hopefully this time it works.

Complaint Department Manager said...

What really got me about those other individual/individuals was that they didn't take time to read the whole blog. He/She/They, also helped me prove my point. I have a feeling this ,for the most part, was one individual who was from another web forum who took exception to my signature that I use on that forum. The signature in question is the one about "picking a fight on the internet" one. This individual got his post deleted there and I believe he got timeout from the moderator. I enjoy comments, I even enjoyed the negative ones. If anyone has a cross arguement, you can make your case without looking like a high school holdback. Thanks for your comments.